Gourmet Sprouts are now in Turkey!

Gourmet Sprouts are now in Turkey!
New Project of Nora Fine Foods; the gourmet sprouts are now in Turkey. One of the most valuable products of the English and Scandinavian cuisine is now availible for the chefs and for whom who would like to try new tastes in the kitchen.
The sprouts are the 5-6 day old, babyf orms of the vegetables.

Although they are very young and small , their tastes are super concentrated . With their nice colors they are also used to color and illustrated the dishes and thus, help to turn the plates into pieces of art.
The products are seeded in portion cups that are positioned in boxes of 8. When preserved in 0-4 degrees and watered a little every two days, you can use them 7 days. After 7 days, they can be cut and saved in fridge bags for another 3 days.
The product variety is as follows; cress, Arugula Sprouts, Red Cabbage Sprouts, Daikon Radish Sprouts, Beet Rout Sprouts, Mustard Seed Sprouds.