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Supermarket Chicken or Town Chicken?
Supermarket Chicken or Town Chicken?
Should we feel sad about ourselves or about the chicken? This is the real question...
What was the last time that we tasted a real chicken or have we ever tasted a real one?
Or which chicken is grown under the real day light and fed by natural herbs?
As the matter of fact, we live a strange life; the chicken live without knowing anything about the life and we live know nothing about the chicken.
Olivier Chaleil the executive Chef of Ciragan Palace Kempinski is in a serious search after “the real chicken“.
Recently, he had found the trce of the real chicken near Bolu, and in the se days, he is working to present the eal chicken in Istanbul .
We discuss the issue of chicken i Olivier’s chicken and we all agree that the chicken is the least prefered not only in Turkey but also in all aroud the world, not because of the chicken’s fault. Nobody likes the chicken beacause  bacause it tastes artificial!Instead of the earth, the chicke is grown in a laboratory like atmosphere.
It cannot benefit from the insects from where it will take protein or the herbs which will contriute to the taste of ist meat. Moreover, the chicken cannot move in this laboratory like atmosphere.
As a conclusion, it would be a mistake to expect miracles because even miracles have also their requirements.
If we will talk about Olivier’s chicken, it tasted more delicious to me than any other meat I have ever tasted. Certainly we cannot neglect the contributions of the Chef ad his team.
Even the skin of the natural chicken has a different delicious taste. The chicken that was put in to oven as a whole gives out ist fat and the Chef taked ths fat coming out of the chicken, by the help of a spoon and pous it over the chicken again to make the skin crispy. But donot think that you will reach to a similar result with the superarket chicken.
Is It Always Pink in the Natural Life?
If you are dreaming that the happy chicken is fed by eaiting thymes and clover i an endless field and leaves ist egg to anywhere it wants, I wish it would come true one day.
Because the reality is alittle different than this. The different standards that are applied in the production of the chicken that we call “the free range chicken“, sometimes becomes a muddy place where the chicken makes a mud bath instead of green fields and sometimes the chickens who live in “Freedom“ can destroy each other by hitting or sequeezing eachother. Therefore, you had better check where the chicken comes from nd under which standards it is grown.
In fact, “the organic production“ might be the most efficient way to each to “the real chicken“, since the organic certificaes are not given for free and given upon an investment in order to realize certain standards in the organic production.
 At the end, the chicken is good is good with this and so are we!
However, the other sde of the coin is the economic side of the issue. When the chicken becomes more delicious, its price increases and thus the deman decreases and the circle turns vise versa.
Whereas, Chef Olivier attracts my attention to a significant point about the economic side of the issue: When the supermarket chicken is cooked ist net weight shrinks up to half of the raw chicken. When you calculae that the price of the town chicken is the double of the supermarket chicken, the expenditure would be the same and we would be advantegeous when final the amount and the taste would be considered....